Electric City Bike - Kasen City and Cross


electric bike     With the cost of gas rising more & more every day purchasing an Ebike is becoming a viable option for many. Save yourself some stress at the pump and time sitting in traffic by purchasing a Kasen Ebike. Not only will you be saving yourself money but you will also be doing your future self a favor by living a healthier day-to-day life and riding your Kasen Ebike for your daily routine.


    The pedal assist and thumb-activated throttle are the perfect boost for when you start to hit a wall and need a little extra push.

    Our Cross & City Ebikes are some of our Best Selling Models. Here we will be giving you a quick rundown on the differences between the two.


  •     Both models come with a 48v 500w rear motor with a max speed of 25-28mph.
  •     They both feature a 48v 1405 Li-ion Samsung battery incorporated into the frame itself for a sleek inconspicuous look. The controller(48v) for both models is also integrated into the frame and hidden from sight.
  •    Both models come with a Star Union 130x Thumb Throttle.


  • The only major differences between the models would be cosmetically.
  •     The Aluminum alloy frame on the City features a step-thru design and has a height of 29.75 inches from the seat tube to the ground for easier mounting as opposed to the Cross model which is 31 inches from the seat tube to the ground (best for our taller riders). Both models come w/ adjustable seats.
  •      Another minor difference between the two being The "City" comes with a Headlight mounted to the front basket.
  • While the "Cross" comes with its Headlight mounted to the handlebars.

    Great for students and working professionals alike our "Cross" with its "Step-over" frame design and the "City" with its "Step-Through" frame design are perfect for the power couple who enjoy riding together and pushing themselves to a new plateau. Both models come in a variety of matching colors (Blue,Grey,White,Red,Sand) that will have you and your significant other riding in style while getting in your daily miles. Get yours today at Kasenbikes.com

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