Getting Started

Setting up your new Kasen eBike is a fairly simple and quick process and with this guide, you should have no problem getting your new eBike fully assembled without the stress of having to figure everything out yourself.

Video of our K6 Model Unboxing and Set Up

Here we take you from the box you receive to a fully assembled bike step by step. You may not have the K6 model however, assembly for each bike is relatively the same.

 Adjusting Your eBike Settings

Adjusting your electric bike settings is a simple and quick process. Here's a short clip on how to adjust and navigate through your ebike settings.

Navigating The Settings Menu

To access your ebike settings, double click the "M" button located on your controller. 

This will send you to the settings menu where you will be able to modify your Display and Basic Settings. Here, you'll be able to modify things such as screen brightness, switching between an Imperial and Metric display, and more.

You can move between the Display and Basic Settings menus by clicking on the Power button once on your controller.

To navigate the settings menu, you can move up and down with the "+" and "-" buttons and make selections by clicking the M button once.