Etrike is Your Best Camping Tool

Greetings Kasen Loyalists

With the Fourth of July upon us, Camping is the perfect get away to destress and unwind while celebrating this great Country of ours with your family and loved ones.


electric trike

This week we’ll be focusing on the great outdoors and how the right E-bike by your side can be the most versatile and convenient tool you can bring along with you. The Kasen Trike is one of the most adaptable transports to accompany you to the campsite. there is no better time than the present to get away and do some camping under the stars.

The Electric Trike is the perfect companion for when you go RV’ing or backpacking. Together you can explore the open trails around the campgrounds all from your bicycle seat. 

Don’t let certain trails scare you off. With the power and convenience of the Kasen trike you can conquer the trails with the help of the electric motor and fat tires backing you up. No need to avoid certain trails because of big hills, the Kasen trike is more than capable of getting you there.

The Kasen Electric Trike gets its power from the “Bafang” 48v 500W Front Hub Motor as well as a “Samsung” Lithium 48v Battery in three different sizes (10.4ah, 14.5ah, 17.5ah) depending on the power capacity and range you need.

The Trike sits on top of three “Kenda” Fat Tires. The Front tire measuring 24x4.0 inches and the two rear at 20x4.0 inches. These fat rugged tires can conquer any bumpy terrain you come across; they were made for roughing it!

The Kasen trike has plenty of space to transport all of your gear from the RV to the campsite. The Kasen Trike also comes with a rear cargo basket (measuring 15.5x18x8.5 inches) as well as a front cargo basket for even more storage space. Offering plenty of storage space for all of your supplies and necessities. With a max weight load capacity of 500lbs, this versatile cargo loader will easily transport you and your belongings with ease.

The Kasen Trike is a well-suited utility vehicle with the power and storage to transfer you and your supplies to and from the campsite with ease. With enough capacity to carry your sleeping bag, cookware, hunting gear, fishing gear, Etc.

The Kasen E-Trike is the perfect piece of equipment to bring with you, out into nature.


From everyone here @ Kasen Electric Bikes we’d like to wish you all a very happy and spirited 4th of July filled with BBQ, Fireworks! And the occasional joyride on your Kasen.