Help Drivers See the Light

In 2020, despite a 40% decline in traffic due to the pandemic, there were 697 traffic fatalities involving cyclists.

 Many factors contribute to bike accidents:

  • Lack of dedicated bike lanes
  • Higher overall speed limits
  • Bigger and heavier vehicles
  • Distracted drivers
  • Low bicycle visibility

Having front and rear lights and side reflectors on your bike is the best way to reduce the likelihood of being involved in an accident both during the daytime and nighttime.


·     Front and rear lights and reflectors Increase a driver's ability to see the bicyclist.


·     Wheel reflectors increase your visibility while crossing intersections.


·     Lights increase the cyclist's ability to see reflective items on the road, including road signs, lane markers, obstacles, and animals in low-light settings.


Cycling is a fun but dangerous activity. Protect yourself with proper safety equipment, such as wearing a bike helmet, and invest in lighting. Lights Increase your ability to see and be seen!

Kasen is not only committed to generating pure excitement; we're committed to safety. This is why we created the Kabbit+.

 The Kabbit+ is not only fast. It includes fully integrated front and rear lighting, including brake lights and turn signal indicators!