2022 Holiday Gift Ideas

Are you trying to find any amazing gifts for your families and friends for 2022 holiday? Check what we have for you. 

For student/young people

This would be SUPER COOL gifts! The Kabbit classic and Kabbit plus are models suitable for students and younger travelers. The Kabbit classic is a 1000-watt motor with spoke rims. The Kabbit Plus has solid aluminum mag wheels and Is a 750-watts motor. Both offer break lights as well as a front road light. The plus model also offers signal lights to inform surrounding traffic which direction the rider intends to travel. A full battery range is 50 miles per charge with a weight capacity of 275 Lbs. These models weigh 86lbs and come in multiple colors.

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For Dads and Moms 

Exercise and a good daily commute tool would be a perfect gift! The Kasen line of commuter e-bikes are second to none. In this line of electric bikes, every day commuters will find the perfect resolution to the soaring gas prices. The Kasen City is a 7 speed 55 miles per charge.  At 63 lbs. it is a light weight option from others’ in its class.  Its brother bike Kasen cross has all the same features of the city and with it’s step over design is 750w and propels to 23 mph. Both designs have a rear rack, front basket and sturdy frame and the colors vary depending on which model.

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For Grands or people with limitation of self-balancing 

Kasen E trike is a very helpful transportation tool to expand people's ability of movement. With a Max weight of 500 lbs. including the rider the Kasen E-trike is a great option for people who like to go to farmer markets or would like to an alternative option to travel to the grocery storeg or simply want to take your fur baby for a ride. The e-trike cruises up to 23 mph on pedal assist. The fat tires make cruising a breeze and ranges approximately 40 miles per charge. 

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For sport enthusiast

Kasen electric MTN-bikes are loved by many pro-bikers. We offer four different models with different features and prices for customers to choose. The K2.0 is a high-performance middle drive Hardtail that features spring shocks and is slightly more affordable. The k2.0pro is a high-performance middle drive bike with air shocks and has all the features as the K2.0 but also has full suspension. Both models are soaring at 28 mph on pedal assist for the 500w motor and 35 mph on the 1000w.

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For multiple use purposes  

Our newest ebike, the Ranger and Ranger Step thru are designed for male and female riders. These two models are good for off-road use such as sand, snow, mud, and also works on regular streets. If you are looking for something for multi-use purposes. We highly recommend this line. With the 1000w Bafang rear motor providing you 5 speeds up to 28 mph with an estimated range of 45-55 miles. The Kenda 26x4 Fat tire provide a smooth ride for any terrain.

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 We hope everyone can find their ideal gifts for the coming holidays!