Being Environmentally Friendly With Electric Bikes- Ultimate Guide

With the issue of climate change growing more and more everyday, many people are starting to look at alternative forms of transportation. This is of course, to help do their part in keeping the Earth a nice place to live. Naturally, we have seen one of the largest solutions in switching from gas powered vehicles towards zero-emission electric vehicles like eBikes or electric bicycles. It looks like going electric is the way of the future to reduce your carbon footprint.

Before purchasing an eBike, you might have thought about what is the environmental impact of electric bicycles. Well luckily, there are a number of environmentally friendly benefits towards getting yourself an electric bike.

Electric Bikes Give Off Zero Emissions

The best part of electric vehicles for the environment is that they do not use fuels such as diesel and petrol so they themselves do not emit gases such as carbon monoxide which plays a role in air pollution and climate change.

The advantage towards eBikes in particular is that they don’t consume very much electricity as well compared to other electric vehicles. Not only that, but charging your eBike through a renewable energy source such as solar power, can reduce your carbon footprint even more so.

To help the environment even more so, make sure when your battery’s lifespan is completely used up, you take it to an approved battery disposal center, as you would any other battery. You can increase the life of your electric bicycle by just keeping up with maintenance.

A problem with a lot of products today is that they just don’t last very long and soon become trash. Kasen eBikes are made strong and to last. Being able to say you’ve had something for years sounds way better than replacing it every year with something new and that means you’re leaving a smaller footprint. Ebikes are a relatively new form of transportation and the technology is getting better everyday. This means possibly longer lasting, more efficient batteries and motors in the future.

Another reason eBikes are more environmentally friendly, is because they also can just be used as bikes. Battery died? Feel like getting more of a workout? Or want to conserve the energy for later? Perfect, your eBike still functions as a traditional bicycle when turned off. This also means you’re not stuck with a heavy bunch of metal in the middle of nowhere. How convenient is that?

Replace Your Gas Powered Vehicle For An Electric Bike

Ever need to get somewhere in that weird middle between it’s too far to walk but not really worth driving to either? This is where eBikes really shine. Most of our Kasen eBikes are able to travel up to 45kms on a single charge and go up to speeds of 32km per hour. That’s a lot quicker and less effort than walking or biking alone and less guilt than driving a short distance for no reason. This is especially convenient in cities with a lot of traffic or where places are really closed together.

Sometimes it seems inconvenient to be more eco-friendly, but not here! Most eBikes fall under the same laws as regular bicycles in all states so with just a little bit of research you are most likely able to simply purchase your electric bicycle and ride it as you would any other bike.


We all share this planet and we only have one of it so I’m sure doing what we can to help keep the Earth healthy would be beneficial to us all. Electric bicycles are a great option for individuals who would like to help lower their carbon footprint and just be more overall environmentally friendly. This is a big deal to Kasen and if you’d like to get an eBike of your own, check out our website here at