How to Improve local Bike-ability and Walk-ability starting in your own Backyard


Advocating for better biking conditions at a local level is easier then you might imagine. 

Some good first steps in getting more involved with your local bike community are;


  • Joining your local Bike Club (e.g. Town/City Council meetings) and seeing if your area has citizens groups that serve as advisory boards for local decisions. Then spread the word on items that impact the cycling community in your area.


  • You can also become a member of several state cycling and conservation organizations. Our ultimate goal here at Kasen Electric Bikes is to make every neighborhood a gold-rated bicycle friendly community by "The League of American Bicyclists".  Advocating for biker safety by surrounding neighborhoods with a system of dedicated protected bike lanes which would drastically improve the quality of life for all residents, bicyclist and motorists alike.


We'd like to shine a spotlight on our ever popular Kasen Kabbit Classic Ebike and the Kasen Electric Trike. Both of these would be perfect to cruise around the beach, your favorite hiking trail or simply down your hometown roads.

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