Kabbit Street, 2021 New Electric Bike

Kasen KabbitStreet electric bike is our new model in 2021. 


      Kasen electric Bike is getting more popular in 2020 , and kabbit model  is trending in  2021. Due the high market demands, we added a new model to Kabbit line. It is KabbitSteet.

      From the name we can see this model is specially designed for daily transportation on a regular street. It's with a 750w rear motor, 20 inch mag wheel, street tires. The long seat allows the bike to carry two people or loads up to 380 lbs. It is good for men and women with height from 5'4" to 6'4". 

    The 48v 14.5 ah battery gives you the ability to ride up to 35 mi or 4-6 hours with one full charge. The charging time is around 4-6 hours. 

    KabbitStreet's top speed is 28 mph by pedaling, top output power is 1500w. The regular speed is various from 21 mph to 25 mph by throttle or pedaling. Different speed is affected by weather, road condition and total loading weight. 

   KabbitStreet is with a cool looking, comes with four different colors. They are black, white, red, and sand. Bringing a KabbitStreet to beach or camping area would be a good idea for family time. 

  Want to see more information about this electric bike? please check the link-- KabbitStreet