Kasen K6 Our Best Electric Bike on Sale

electric bike beach cruiser 1000 watt ebike fat tire

The Kasen K6 is a cruiser style fat tire ebike with a whopping 1000 watt motor. If you’re looking for pure power out of your ebike then this might be the one for you. 

K6 1000 Watt eBike Cruiser Featuresk6 fat tire ebike 1000 watt electric bike

From just looking at the bike you can see this is a fat tire cruiser style ebike. At the moment, the Kasen K6 only comes in its signature matte black frame color but additional demand may warrant more color options in the future. 

The K6’s fat tires are 26 by 4 inch Kendas. The balloon style tires allow for a smoother ride with the added suspension and gives the bike the ability to cruise through all sorts of terrain such as snow and sand.

This bike also comes standard with a rear rack for additional cargo accessories such as pannier bags or a rear basket.

The fork of the K6 features MOZO hydraulic suspension to add to the smoother ride and should help going over any bumps you may face.

For the most comfortable riding experience, like other Kasen models, the K6 features 7 gears for comfort pedaling over and down hills or general riding preference.

Now to the motor. The K6 features Kasen’s most powerful motor in its 1000 watt rear hub drive. This allows the bike to speeds of up to 28 miles per hour in assistance. The motor also features the option in either pedal assist or power through throttle for whichever the rider may prefer. 

To pair along with the 1000 watt motor, the K6 comes with the option of either a 14.5ah or 17.5ah 48 volt Panasonic battery. The range will vary from rider to rider as well as other factors but around 30 miles at full assistance is a good rule of thumb as to not die in the middle of a ride. Having said that, you could also easily go up to 100 miles depending on how much assistance you are using as well as weight carried.

Other parts of the K6 include Tektro disc brakes, an LED headlight standard, and an LCD display which will let you know just how fast you’re going, the level of assistance you are currently on, as well as the time.


Overall, the Kasen K6 is a powerful, comfortable, ebike that is great for commuters and those just trying to have fun on an ebike.