Locks for your eBike

If you own a bicycle of any and decide to park it just about anywhere, you’ve probably realized you need a bike lock. For good reason too. Bicycles can be an expensive investment and also one that can be easy to steal.

Luckily, there are a number of precautions you can take to make sure your electric bike is safe. What’s going to help you more than anything, of course, is a bike lock. Hold on though, not all bike locks are equal. There are many different types of locks and they all serve different purposes so let’s get into them.

Electric Bike Lock Guide – Cable Locks

electric bike locks cable lock for ebikes electric bikes and bicycles

Probably your first idea when you think of bike locks. Cable locks are versatile locks that allow you to either lock your bike from functioning or to a post to prevent it from moving overall. These are usually unlocked either by key or with its own personal code. A key lock is useful in case you worry about thieves guessing your combination.

The benefit to code locks is that you never have to worry about losing the keys to your lock. Hopefully, you don’t forget your code though!

The problem with cable locks is that they are easy to get around with the right tools. Thinner cable locks can be cut through easily with a set of pliers. Even the thicker cable locks are outdone by a set of bolt cutters. 

Having said this, cable locks are still effective, when used correctly, to ward off potential bicycle thieves but shouldn’t be the only lock you use to protect your bike.

Electric Bike Lock Guide – Disc Brake Locks

guide-to-electric-bike-locks brake lock

Another good type of lock to pair up with others, disc brake locks attach to your disc brakes to stop your bicycle’s wheels from moving. Obviously, because of this, you would need disc brakes for these locks to work.

These locks pretty much should always be paired with another kind of bike lock because although they prevent your wheels from moving, someone would still be able to carry off your bike if they do so please.

Electric Bike Lock Guide – Wheel Locks


Wheel locks function a lot like disc brake locks in that they prevent your wheel from functioning. However, they also share that this doesn’t stop someone from carrying off your locked bike. What’s cool about these locks is that they stay attached to your bike, so you’ll never forget to bring it.

Electric Bike Lock Guide – U Locks


One of the main locks you’ll want to use and supplement with the previous locks. A good u lock is strong enough to withstand most lock breaking methods. When using a u lock its important you’re locking the right parts of your bike or else you may end up with just a wheel left.

A disadvantage of the u lock is that they aren’t as flexible to use as cable locks, so you’ll most likely have a harder time finding the right object to lock your bike to. We also recommend pairing this lock with another just to protect all parts of your bicycle.

Electric Bike Lock Guide – Chain Locks

best electric bike ebike locks chain lock

Chain locks have the flexibility of a cable lock and can have the strength of a U lock depending on the quality of the chain and lock. We recommend getting chain lock with an outer coating of some kind to avoid scratching your bike. 

One disadvantage of a chain lock is that they can get heavy and bothersome to carry around. Also, make sure when you buy your chain you buy one long enough to lock in most places.

Electric Bike Lock Guide – Folding Locks

folding lock for ebikes bicycles and electric bikes

A little bit of a combination of the U locks and Chain locks, folding locks are usually a series of metal plates connected together by rivets, that give a little more flexibility than standard U Locks. The best part about folding locks is how compact they are for what they do. Many also allow you to strap them to your ebike while riding.


Your bike can be a large part of your life and theft is just something we never want to happen but should always try to be wary of.Having the right bike lock can be the difference between you losing anywhere from a hundred to thousands of dollars. 

We recommend that if you can afford a higher quality lock, then just go for it. The right lock is pretty much a part of your bicycle and if you care about your bike then you’ll care about your lock.

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