Summer Time Vibes


Take the road less traveled while feeling the breeze on your face and soaking up some rays.



With the summer months quickly approaching it’s the perfect time to get together with family, friends, significant other and enjoy all that the summer has to offer.

The Kasen Kabbit Plus+ is great for a day out at the beach or where ever life may take you.

Some destination suggestions we personally enjoy and recommend are; taking a ride to a cafe, a local eatery, the movie theater, your local park, pop-up food stands, your local farmers market, the beach, an outdoor concert, your favorite hiking trail. Anywhere you might drive, we’d like to see you bike there instead.

The Kasen Electric Mountain Bike is well suited to accompany you up and down the trails.

Save yourself the grief of paying out of pocket at the pump and being stuck in traffic by getting outdoors, living life, and riding a Kasen!

Not only will you be riding green but you’ll be riding farther and longer so there’s no need to stay local if you don’t want to. By utilizing the pedal assist system and the throttle drive for that extra push you’ll be seeing more and doing more with less effort while still keeping in shape.

The Kasen Electric Trike is perfect for those pleasant, relaxing rides where you don't want to worry about keeping balance and prefer the comfort & stability of 3-wheels. With the included rear cargo basket, you can bring a portable stereo, load it up with groceries or you can even bring your 4-legged companion along for the ride.

We’d like to thank all of our Kasen riders. We hope you take it easy this summer by taking the long scenic route with your Kasen Electric bike.


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