The Kasen K5 Step Through eBike

Step through bicycles are often defined by their unique frame and style but what makes step throughs different from other bikes? Well to begin, the reason these bikes are called step throughs is because you can step through the frame! But why is this so important?

Let’s start with a history lesson. Step through bicycles originated somewhere in the late 1800’s with the idea that with this low step through frame, women with dresses and skirts could easily get on and off the bicycle without exposing anything they did not want while getting on and off the bike.

Fast forward, women started wearing dresses and skirts less often but step through frames still remain popular among women and men due to their convenience and style. 

Step throughs are great for those who want an easier time mounting and dismounting their bikes. This could include, shorter riders, less flexible people, or those that are frequently mounting and dismounting their bicycle such as delivery men.

Overall, step through bicycles are great for those who really like the convenience of being able to get on and off their bike easily and for those who just like that classic European, Euro-style bicycle.