Electric Trikes Time to Shine

Greetings Kasen Loyalists!

This week we are going to shine a spotlight on our Kasen Electric Trike.

This model is best suited for the type of rider whose idea of a good time isn't rushed or hurried in anyway. This bike is better suited for a pleasant, relaxing cruise. This Electric Trike is made for somebody who enjoys the trip instead of solely being focused on the destination.

With a top speed of 22mph, The Kasen Electric Trike will get you where you need to go easily and effortlessly. The included rear cargo basket is big enough for a portable stereo, a cooler filled with your favorite tasty beverage, groceries, supplies or you can even bring your furry 4-legged companion along for the ride. Also comes with a front basket for even more storage options.

The Electric Trike is capable enough to hold you and whatever else you might be carrying (Max Load of 500lbs).


For those of us whose balance isn't what it used to be, the Electric Trike gives us the opportunity to get a bit of freedom & fresh air. The Electric Trike allows us to get out there and explore the world, and to do so confidently (all while getting fundamental exercise)With an Electric Trike you don't have to constantly worry about keeping balance, with the stability & comfort of its 3-wheel design. 

The Pedal Assist System activates the Front Hub Bafang 48V Motor when pedaling to give you that extra push. Allowing you to ride for greater distances while also helping you keep from over-straining yourself. You can also accelerate by pressing the easy to use thumb throttle for those instances where you need a break from pedaling but don't want to stop the ride.

The 48V 17.5 Li-ion Samsung Battery will keep you powered up with plenty of juice with a range of 40miles per charge.

The stylish and solid construction of the Electric Trike would make a great Graduation or Fathers day gift for that special deserving person in your life. Get them the freedom that an Electric Trike provides.