Motor does not work, but the LCD is on and is showing no error:

  • If your motor stops working but the LCD stays on and there are no error codes. The first thing to check is the two motor inhibitors located on the brake lever.

    The motor inhibitor switch (or motor cut sensor) is designed to turn the motor off when you use the brakes. This is a safety feature to prevent the simultaneous operation of the throttle and the brake.

    In some instances, the motor inhibitors can be activated even when you are NOT using the brakes. The result is that the e-bike will not provide assistance with either the throttle or the pedal assist.

Spokes hitting the front caliper:

  • If you hear the spokes touch the front caliper, here are a few things to check out:
    1. Remove and re-seat the front wheel, make sure it sits properly on the front fork.
    2. Check to see the wheel is centered on the fork
    3. Inspect to see the spokes are tightened properly
    4. Check your caliper is tightly secured to the fork
    5. Check your caliper to be lined up properly

There is a noise coming from my e-bike:

  • Firstly try to locate the noise, and shoot a video or photos and send to our customer support.


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