24" motor wheel hub 500w electric trike

24X4in 500w 48v hub motor and Rim for Kasen ETrike

Regular price $349.00

  • The wheelset including spoke, wheel, and 500w motor
  • Compatible with Kasen electric trike, model of K8.0
  • Voltage (v) : 48V
    Power (w): 500W
    Max Wheel Diameter (Inches): 24 inches
    Stator Stack Thickness: 110*24
    Winding Turns: 10T
    No-load Speed (rpm): 325+-10 rpm
    No-load Current (A): <=1.4
    Rated Rotor Speed (rpm): 280+-10
    Rated Current (A):<=13.8
    Rated Efficiency: >75%
  • Axle Threading: 26mm
  • Dropout: 10mm   
  • Dropout Width: 152 mm
  • Double Wall Aluminum Rim 
  • Tire and Tube sold separately

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